Thu, May 2, 2024, 5:48 AM

On April 24, 2024, a meeting of the section of the Higher School of Economics was held «Economic horizon: a look into the present and future». In total, 59 scientific articles were submitted to the section, 9 speakers took part: 8 offline and 1 online. At the beginning of the section, the partners spoke with welcoming words and congratulations: E. V. Nekhoda, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management of Tomsk State University (RF) and O. P. Nedospasova, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Management, Tomsk State University (RF). During the conferences, participants spoke on topics such as: IT technologies in management, the digital economy, the impact of marketing technologies on business during crisis situations, the introduction of a universal declaration for business, a model for the development of entrepreneurship through innovation, digital currency, etc. Based on the results of the section’s work, the board members unanimously decided to award:

1st degree diploma - Erzhan A. N.

2nd degree diplomas - Eleuova A. T. and Kabysheva D. E.

3rd degree diplomas - Fazilov B. B., Nurtazina L.K. and Danilova I.V.

It was also decided to allocate the nomination «Relevance and novelty of research» for the scientific report to Kazaku P.I.

Electronic certificates were sent to all nominees and conference participants.

Awarding of the best reports of the participants of the conference "INFORMATICS. MATHEMATICS. AUTOMATICS – 2024» IMA – 2024
Fri, Apr 26, 2024, 11:00 AM

From April 25th to 26th, 2024, the Higher School of Information Technologies and Engineering, in collaboration with Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine), held the International Scientific and Technical Conference for Students and Young Researchers titled "Informatics. Mathematics. Automatics – 2024" (IMA-2024).

The conference was held in 3 sections: "Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics," "Automated Systems and IT Management," and "Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunications." Participants presented their research and papers covering advanced developments in these fields and also exchanged experiences through scientific discussions.

Based on the conference results, authors of the best papers were awarded with diplomas of I, II, and III degrees, as well as with commemorative prizes for their contribution to scientific research and active participation in the event.

Section: "Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics"

I place – Aset A., Kaldarova M.Zh. Algorithms for determining the boundaries of agricultural fields during segmentation

II place – Abdikalyk G.D., Mukanova A.S. Implementing Machine Learning Models to Predict the Spread of Covid-19 in India

II place – Dauletbaeva Zh. Online Educational Platforms: Distance Learning Opportunities and Their Impact on Modern Education

III place – Danabek D.D., Mendigaliyev A.A., Tasbolatuly N. The application of educational constructors for the development of robotics skills in students and schoolchildren

Section: " Automated systems and IT management"

II place – Bakhadirova G.B., Tasbolatuly N. Computer simulation of a special class of higher-order nonlinear control systems using feedback

II place – Abilova P.N., Zholdas A.A. Quantum Computing: The Future of Computing

Congratulate the winners and wish all conference participants new successes and achievements in the future!

Students of the School of Information Technologies and Engineering took III place in the Republican Student Subject Olympiad in Programming
Fri, Apr 26, 2024, 4:00 AM

On April 25-26, 2024, the second stage of the XVI Republican Student Subject Olympiad among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 6B061 Information and Communication Technologies was held at the base of Toraygyrov University (Pavlodar).


The goal of the Olympiad was to develop and support talented students, stimulate their creative abilities, form a high intellectual potential, actively involve them in solving modern scientific problems, and encourage interest in scientific activities.

More than 28 teams from across Kazakhstan gathered to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of ICT.


The Olympiad consisted of two rounds of intense competition. The first round focused on testing participants' knowledge in the subjects of databases and computer networks, assessing the depth of understanding of these key areas of ICT. In the second round, participants solved three programming tasks, which required both deep knowledge and creative thinking from them.

The AIU team, representing the International University of Astana, composed of students: Kyzainbek Ai-Kerim, Marat Zhanel, and Erejep Bekarys, under the guidance of senior lecturer Mira Kaldarova from SIT&E, secured the third place overall. They demonstrated excellent preparation and technical skills throughout the competition.

Congratulations to the winners and we wish them further success!

"School Startups: "Business Innovation for School 2024""
Mon, Apr 22, 2024, 11:55 AM

In the age of technological progress, the ideas of young people play a key role in shaping the future of business and society as a whole. Therefore, it is not surprising that every year startup project contests for schoolchildren are becoming more popular and attractive. In this context, April 19, 2024 became an important date for the innovation community, as the successful competition "Business Innovation for School 2024" was held, organized by Astana International University in partnership with American Corner and Dodo Pizza. The participants of the competition were represented by schoolchildren from 24 teams. Astana, such as NISH, BINOM, IQanat, Lyceum No. 37 and others.

The ideas presented at the competition were diverse and fascinating. They covered various fields, including technology, medicine, ecology, education and much more. However, despite the diversity, all the projects had one thing in common - the desire to change the world for the better through innovation.

The expert jury examined each project, assessing its potential and feasibility. After long discussions and analysis, the jury selected the winners, whose projects were recognized as the most promising and innovative.

The winners of the "Business Innovation for School 2024" competition are:

1st place - the "ARA Team" Harmony Steam school team consisting of Rakishev Ramadan, Sarsengalieva Aya and Ybysh Altair;

2nd place – the «Iqanat» team IQanat High School of Burabay consisting of Mammadova Zarina, Mayevskaya Margarita and Beysenbek Elnur;

3rd place - the team "Team reSet" Gymnasium No. 17 named after A. Kurmanov, consisting of Batanov Alisher, Zholdasbek Isa and Saparbayev Mansur.

Thus, the successful holding of the Business Innovation for School 2024 competition has become a vivid example of how schoolchildren can generate business ideas and bring them to life. This competition is not just a competition of projects, but also a platform for the birth of new ideas, on which the future of our country is being shaped.

Students of the Higher School of Law took the second place at the Republican subject Olympiad in the field of....
Sun, Apr 21, 2024, 7:56 AM

On April 18, 2024, the XVI Republican Student subject Olympiad in the specialty "Law" among students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at Turan-Astana University.

24 universities of Kazakhstan took part in the Olympiad. The Olympiad was held in two rounds. The first round includes test tasks in civil and criminal law, the second round is the solution of situational cases in civil and criminal proceedings.

Of the 96 students who took part in the Olympiad, 12 students qualified for the second round, 4 of them were students of the Higher School of Law of Astana International University.

In the second round, each participant's work was evaluated individually. The 6 students who scored the most points won prizes.

Diplomas of the II degree were awarded to 3rd year students of the Higher School of Law of the Astana International University, Sergey Moskal and Daniyarqyzy Qarlygash.

In the team competition, the 1st place was taken by students of the Higher School of Law of Astana International University.

Students were prepared for the Olympiad by the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law, Professor Borchishvili I.Sh., Doctor of Law, Professor Alenov M.A., Candidate of Law, Professor Zhaskairat M.Zh., senior teachers of the Higher School of Law Seilkhanov Zh.D., Abugalieva F.M.

The Higher School of Law sincerely congratulates the participants of the Republican Olympiad on their impressive results and wishes them new victories!