Meeting of the President of Astana International University with the Leadership of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences of....
Mon, Jun 10, 2024, 4:03 AM

President of Astana International University (AIU) Serik A. Irsaliyev recently held a meeting with the Dean of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences at Nazarbayev University (NU), Elizabeth Arkhangelsky, along with the Vice Dean for Research, Shazim Memon. During this productive discussion, the parties explored prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation and outlined plans for joint efforts in several key areas.

The parties agreed to actively engage in the organization and conduct of inter-university conferences, seminars, and workshops, which will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among faculty, students, and researchers from both universities.

Specific scientific projects, in which both universities can participate, were also discussed during the meeting. This collaboration will enable the unification of efforts to address current scientific and technological challenges, and enhance the quality of research through an interdisciplinary approach and the use of modern methods and technologies.

The leadership of AIU and the representatives from the NU School of Engineering and Digital Sciences expressed confidence that this cooperation will be a significant step towards the integration of the academic and scientific communities of the two leading young universities in Kazakhstan. The implementation of the planned initiatives will not only elevate the level of educational and scientific achievements but also create a robust foundation for the further development of the region's innovation ecosystem.

The victories of the republican on-line review-competition of graduation papers among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and The International....
Tue, Jun 4, 2024, 2:07 PM

The International educational Corporation "Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy" annually holds a Republican competition among the final qualifying works of students and undergraduates who have completed their studies in the specialty "Design".

On April 1, 2024, according to the results of the Republican on-line review-competition of graduation papers among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduate of the Graduate School of Art and Design in the specialty 7M02101 – Design Taisyuganova Malika took the honorable 1st place. The topic of the master's project is "Optical illusions as a shaping tool in the interior design of public spaces", supervisor – Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Art and Design Kiseleva Tatyana Alexandrovna.

Further, Maliki's master's thesis was sent to participate in the XI International Festival of Architectural, Construction and Design Schools of Eurasia, specializing in Design. The international jury of this festival is represented by reputable scientists P. Posocco (PhD, Italy), V. Ketz (PhD, Italy), Kornilova A. A. (Doctor of Architecture, Professor, RK), Karabaev G. A. (PhD, Professor of RK), Surova E. M. (PhD, Professor, RF) , etc .

The jury reviewed 54 competitive works (46 diploma projects and 8 master's theses of scientific and pedagogical direction) from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan. In the Master's Degree nomination, Malika Taisyuganova's dissertation was also recognized as the best and awarded a diploma of the first degree.

We are sincerely glad to congratulate Tatiana Alexandrovna and Malika Azatovna on their brilliant victory in prestigious competitions!

Defense of graduation projects
Tue, Jun 4, 2024, 4:19 AM

The defense of diploma projects is the main result of the five–year period of study of students in the specialty 6B02101 – Design. Between May 20-22, 2014, twenty–two graduates of the Higher School of Art and Design presented their theses to the State Attestation Commission. The work of the commission was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the Quality Management Department of the Kazakh National University of Arts Soltanbaeva Gulnar Shaimerdenovna.

The graduation papers of graduates of the Higher School of Art and Design are always distinguished by their original, creative approach. This year, our students also presented an extremely diverse range of topics for their design projects.

A number of student projects have an important socio-cultural orientation, for example, "Transformation of the subject-spatial environment of the hostel into a student dormitory in Astana" (Eshmurat P.), "Visual concept of the speech correction center "Rechevita" (Murzatova A.), "Creation of the corporate identity of the cafe of Korean gastronomy "Hondae" (Chen Yu.), "Design-the concept of the architectural and landscape environment of the recreation area in the village of Zhibek Zholy", etc. The Commission highly appreciated the creative potential of the final qualifying works "Development of the design project of the popular science magazine "Design in comics" (Tulkibai E.), "Development of the storyline and visual concept of the computer game "Pluton" (Fedotova A.), "Design concept of the visual world of the game "GALAM".

At the end of the defense procedure, the chairman of the state attestation commission Soltanbaeva G. Sh. gave a detailed description of each submitted project and wished our graduates to always follow the best design principles in everything – ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics.

International Union of Artists and Educators and Colloquium "Museums and art communities: the experience of interaction and integration"
Tue, Jun 4, 2024, 4:15 AM

On May 21, 2024, within the framework of the international project "The Art of Dialogue", organized under the auspices of the International Union of Art Educators, a colloquium was held on the topic "Museums and art communities: the experience of interaction and integration". The project was organized by the corporate foundation "Museum of the First President" in collaboration with the Nevsky Palette Housing and Communal Services, the Russian House in Astana, the Children's Art School (UNESCO Club) of Astana, the Kazakh National University of Arts and the Higher School of Art and Design of Astana International University.

The speakers who took part in the colloquium discussed the possibilities of international communication and technologies of cooperation in the field of art education, various aspects of the competition and exhibition activities of the International Union of Artists and Teachers. The Higher School of Art and Design of the AIU was represented by art historian, PhD, Associate Professor G. N. Povalyashko with a report "Current museum practices and cultural mediation".

The work of the colloquium ended with the admission of new members to the International Union of Artists. Certificates of this status organization were received by Deputy dean of the HSE Daumenova Ella Talgatovna, senior teachers Mukhamedieva Samal Konyrtaevna and Shaimerden Srim Sakenuly, associate professor Galina Nikolaevna Povalyashko.