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"Career Center" of Astana International University was established in 2023 in order to organize assistance to students in the issue of employment.

The main activities of the AIU Career Center are the provision of professional internships, career and employment consultations, conducting courses and trainings, familiarizing students with the labor market.

The Career Center allows students to get acquainted with information about available vacancies. Currently, agreements have been signed with companies such as and . Cooperation with these companies allows you to systematize and simplify the employment process.

 The mission of the Career Center is an individual approach to each student, assistance in creating a resume, career planning and development, and employment.


Подробный гайд по работе на сайте (скачать)


Our university is starting to introduce a free platform


Where you can:

ü Find vacancies, internships and production practices;

ü Participate in the events of our educational institution and employers;

ü Receive useful content on your specialty and plan your career;

ü Learn more about the activities of employers and their team;

ü Fill out your profile and use it as your resume.


We recommend that you register now at


You can watch the video instructions for using the platform at the link below


Our university also cooperates with is the largest job and employee search site in the CIS (according to the SimilarWeb rating).

The leader in Kazakhstan in terms of the number of created and updated resumes.


Sincerely, Career Center of Astana International University