IT management

Code and group of the educational program:

D094 Information technology

Code and name of the educational program:

8D06102 IT management

Education period: 3

Cost of education: 1700000

Degree awarded: Doctor of Philosophy PhD in the educational program "8D06102 IT Management»

Training of doctors (PhD) in the field of information and communication technologies in the educational program "8D06102 IT Management", who have a high culture, sufficient knowledge and practical experience necessary for professional scientific and educational activities.

  • Research processes, theory and practice in the field of information technology
  • Innovative information technology life cycle management processes in a changing environment
  • Promoting Research in Information Technology Management
  • Qualitative research design and data analysis

  • IT director;

  • Project Manager;

  • IT leaders

  • Information system managers

  • IT project managers

  • Programmer;

  • System Administrator;

  • IT specialist;

  • Teacher of specialized educational institutions (colleges, universities, etc.)

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