Code and group of the educational program:

В046 Finance, economics, banking and insurance business

Code and name of the educational program:

6B04117 Economy

Education period: 4

Cost of education: 750000

Degree awarded:

To prepare highly qualified bachelors who are able to successfully work in their chosen field of activity, who have modern economic thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to analyze the relationships in economic systems, capable of developing and making effective decisions in the field of economic.

Financial planning and budgeting, Industrial Economics, Organization of labor and wages, Agglomerations Management, City branding, Competitive strategies in the economy, Corporate culture and values, Electronic tax reporting forms, Evaluation of investment projects, Financial consulting by field of activity, Financial management at enterprises, Leadership, Logistics management, Market analysis in the economy, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management.

Economist, economist- analyst, economist of the banking sector, tax inspector, economist-organizer of production.
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