Code and group of the educational program:

M012 Training of computer science teachers

Code and name of the educational program:

7M01501 Informatics

Education period: 2

Cost of education: 595000

Degree awarded: Master of Pedagogical Sciences in the educational program «7M01501 - Computer Science».

The key objective of the educational program is to prepare masters with a high culture, a sufficient level of knowledge and practical experience necessary for professional research and educational activities for the benefit of society, through the justification and inclusion of elements of professional activity in the educational program.

Methodology of pedagogical research in the field of computer science

Planning and organization of scientific research


Management in higher education

Technologies for the development of intelligent systems

Computer modeling and design systems

Big Data Technologies

Theory of Blockchain Technology

Modern problems of computer science teaching methods at school and university

Designing the content of the educational process and situations of innovative learning at school and university

• Programmer;

• System Administrator;

• Developer;

• Design Engineer;

• IT specialist.

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