Visit of the AIU President to the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing)

Sat, Sep 16, 2023, 11:46 AM

On September 13, a meeting was held between the President of the AIU Irsaliyev S.A. and the Rector of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) Zhao Zhongxiu. The meeting took place in Beijing within the walls of the Chinese partner university. The meeting was held in a friendly manner: the President of the AMU congratulated his colleague on taking office, noted the long-term friendship and cooperation between universities - cooperation with UIBE has been in effect almost since the founding of the AIU. In particular, in 2019, an agreement was signed between universities on the creation of a joint institute of international business and economics in Astana on the basis of the AIU. Despite the difficulties of the pandemic period, the institute began its work in 2020 and made its first enrollment. Today, about 70 students are studying double-diploma programs at the institute. The first graduation is expected next year. There is a clear upward trend in the number of people wishing to study at the institute, which indicates the great potential of the Kazakh-Chinese educational program. Also, this year, the institute, with the support of partners, organized and conducted the first summer school in China - for 14 days, students not only visited historical monuments, enjoyed the picturesque nature, but also visited industrial and technical facilities, the Kazakh-Chinese logistics center in Lianyungang city, plunged into culture and improved their level of language with native speakers.

During the meeting, work issues were also raised. The problems and concerns that had accumulated during the pandemic, as well as during the practical experience of implementing joint projects, were openly voiced. It was proposed to take into account and use this experience in the future to improve the quality of the program and student learning conditions.

In addition to educational projects, the international orientation of the activities of the two universities was noted, as well as the important role and contribution that universities can and should make to the development and strengthening of friendship between countries, scientific and academic support of ongoing international projects. The research potential and sites of the two universities were announced and on this basis cooperation could be established and deepened. In particular, such areas as the Belt and Road Initiative and the New Eurasian Land Bridge, cooperation with Jiangsu Province and the city of Lianyungang in the field of maritime transport and port infrastructure, opening access to the sea for Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia, were announced.

The universities agreed to continue to provide each other with comprehensive support in the implementation of both current and future projects, and to adhere to the principles of openness and friendship.