IT management

Code and group of the educational program:

M094 Information and Communication Technologies

Code and name of the educational program:

7M06102 IT management

Education period: 2

Cost of education: 695000

Degree awarded: Master's degree in Information and Communication Technologies in the educational program «7M06102 IT менеджмент»

The purpose of the educational program is to train highly qualified managers of IT services of enterprises and government agencies, as well as leading consultants and project managers of IT companies capable of developing the architecture and IT infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses with high culture, sufficient knowledge and practical experience in the field of IT management necessary for professional scientific and educational activities for the benefit of society.

  • Process analysis and process management with IT support
  • Innovative concept of Business Informatics
  • Modern problems of management
  • Modern strategic analysis
  • Manage customers and IT-based service providers
  • IT project management
  • IT architecture and IT security management
  • IT Strategy and IT Governance based on indicators
  • Usability concepts for mobile stationary systems
  • Digitization and ethical responsibility of companies
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Development of complex web applications
  • Digital B2B Marketing and Technical Sales
  • Process and IT Consulting
  • Mobile Computing and Embedded Systems
  • E-business 

  • IT project manager.

  • Coordinator of IT projects

  • IT Director.

  • Director of the Office of the CKO Knowledge Management System (Chief Knowledge Officer).

  • Director of the information office

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