Computer technology and software

Code and group of the educational program:

В057 Information Technology

Code and name of the educational program:

6B06101 Computer technology and software

Education period: 4, 3

Cost of education: 695000

Degree awarded: Bachelor's in Information and Communication Technologies in the educational program "6В06101 Computer engineering and software"

Preparation of competitive graduates with knowledge and skills in the field of designing software and hardware architectures; organization and functioning of individual devices and computers as a whole; design and development of user interface, software components, databases and embedded software modules; maintenance of software products, computer information processing and management systems; design, configuration and operation computer systems and networks.

Algorithms and basics of programming
Computer systems architecture
Software engineering
Programming in algorithmic languages
Design and architecture of software systems
Data analysis
Introduction to iOS Programming
IT management
Cross-platform programming
multimedia technologies
Cloud technologies
NET Programming
Java Programming
Advanced C# Programming
Advanced Java Programming
Mobile Application Development
Robotic systems
C# Object Oriented Programming
Network technologies
Artificial intelligence systems
Computer vision technologies
Object-relational modeling technology
Software project management
Digital Design
web programming
Operating Systems
Fundamentals of information security
System Programming
Automata theory
Software development technology
Software testing technology
Introduction to the organization of distributed computing
High performance communication environments and networks
Parallel programming
Digital signal processing

  • Software architect;
  • Software developer;
  • Software engineer;
  • Application programmer;
  • Technician of the computing (information computing) center;
  • System analyst;
  • Network administrator;
  • Software designer;
  • Software maintenance specialist.
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