Code and group of the educational program:

D087 Protection and environmental technology

Code and name of the educational program:

8D05203 Bioecology

Education period: 3

Cost of education: 1700000

Degree awarded:

Preparation of doctors of philosophy (PhD), according to the educational program "8D05202 Geoecology" and ensuring readiness for independent research and teaching activities in the field of bioecology and environmental management in educational and research organizations.

Assessment of the state of vegetation in the conditions of modern nature management, Paleobiology, Basics of bioindication and biomonitoring, Application of GIS in solving problems of bioecology

bioekolog, an environmentalist, a nature user; employee of research institutes and organizations; teacher of specialized educational institutions (colleges, universities, etc.), PhD candidates have the opportunity to work in the government office on environmental issues, nature management and environmental protection

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