Ecology and nature management

Code and group of the educational program:

M087 Environmental protection technology

Code and name of the educational program:

7M05201 Ecology and nature management

Education period: 2

Cost of education: 650000

Degree awarded:

Preparation of masters with knowledge of fundamental and applied ecology, in the field of environmental management with ideas about new areas of modern ecology and environmental management and are able to apply their knowledge in scientific, practical and educational activities.

Computer technologies in ecology, Low-waste and non-waste technologies

Production and consumption waste management, Geographic information systems in geo-ecology, Биоэкологиялық картографиялау, Bio-ecological mapping, Ecology of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and their protection, New technologies of rational use of biological and raw resources

Environmental engineer of industrial enterprises and organizations; • Environmental engineer; Ecologist-auditor; Ecologist, expert-ecologist of urban planning; specialist, SNA., MNC, n. s., laboratory assistant of research institutes and organizations; specialist, laboratory assistant in ecological and biological laboratories; specialist, M. S., laboratory assistant of nature protection institutions, national parks, reserves, Botanical gardens, reserves, etc.; laboratory assistants of specialized departments of higher educational institutions; teacher of specialized educational institutions (colleges, universities, etc.)

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