School of natural sciences

The Higher School of Natural Sciences conducts three-level training (bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies) in the educational programs "Ecology and Nature Management", "Biology", "Recreational geography and Tourism" in Kazakh, Russian and English. The quality of students' training is provided by highly qualified teaching staff: professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) and masters in natural sciences, who have extensive experience in teaching and scientific activities. We focus students' training on the demands of the global labor market based on international cooperation (internships at partner universities, master classes and lectures from leading scientists from foreign countries).

      Learning is not only memorizing facts, it is the collection of evidence, analysis and one's own conclusion. As a student of our university, you will learn to think critically and build your own knowledge. You must strive for knowledge throughout your life while remaining curious, reflective and open-minded. With us, you will learn to challenge the known and explore the unknown. 
We are waiting for creative and ambitious applicants who are able to achieve career and professional heights and contribute to the prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I deeply believe that our graduates, having become true professionals in their field, will ensure the qualitative development of the economy not only in their own country, but also far beyond its borders. 
Dear applicant, your successful and bright future starts here! 
Sincerely, Seitkan Ainur!