Code and group of the educational program:

М078 Law

Code and name of the educational program:

7M04201 Law

Education period: 2 года

Cost of education: 730 000

Degree awarded: Master of Science in Law

The educational program is directed to training of the competitive experts having conceptual knowledge, practical skills of the solution of legal tasks by scientific and practical researches in the course of law-making, right realizing and law-enforcement activity.

·       Problems of the Theory of State and Law

·       Actual Problems of Civil Law

·       Modern problems of legal regulation of land relations

·       Actual Problems of Tax Legislation

·       Problems of Formation of Financial Legislation

·       Legal policy and problems of improvement of criminal law

·       Prevention of Crime

·       Actual Problems of the Civil Process

·       Issues of improving legislation on public procurement

·       Actual problems of penitentiary law

·       Issues of application of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on social protection of the population

·       Problems of Theory and Practice of Crime Qualification

·       Theory and practice of public administration development in the Republic of Kazakhstan

·       Actual problems of modern family legislation in Kazakhstan

·       Fight against terrorism and extremism

·       Problems of improvement of the criminal procedure legislation RK

·       Theory and practice of application of civil procedure legislation

·       Issues of the day of custom right

·       Procedural agreements (transactions) in criminal trial

·       Legal regulation of cyber security

·       Contractual relationship: actual problems of theory and practice

·       Actual Problems of Regulation of Labor Relations

·       Legal Aspects of Modern Migration Processes

·       Criminology. Theory and practice

·       Actual problems of constitutional law

· Legal Adviser;

· Corporate lawyer;

· The Prosecutor;

· Lawyer;

· The judge;

· Law enforcement officer;

· An employee of government agencies;

· Notary public;

· The investigator;

· Forensic expert;

· Mediator;

· Employees of the anti-corruption service;

· Military lawyer;

· Sports lawyer;

· Bailiff;

· The Ombudsman;

· Contract specialist.

· Teacher of the university;

· Research Associate.

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