International law

Code and group of the educational program:

М078 Law

Code and name of the educational program:

7М04202 International law

Education period: научно- педагогическая - 2 года

Cost of education: 660000

Degree awarded:

The purpose of the educational program is the preparation of competent bachelors with theoretical and practical knowledge, key and professional competencies in the field of international law

 Introduction in scientific activity and its methodology

International Trade Law

International standards in electoral law

International legal aspects of citizenship

Actual problems of Private International Law

Actual problems of international economic law

International legal aspects of the development of integration processes

International legal aspects of the development of integration processes of the EAEU countries

International Educational Law

Modern problems of Intellectual Property Law

- student-centered learning through the formation of an individual learning trajectory and the use of a flexible methodology for individual student counseling;

- provision of interdisciplinary knowledge; training in double-diploma (joint) educational programs;

- compliance of educational programs with the needs of society;

- integration of teaching and research;

- providing a safe and comfortable learning environment;

- implementation of the results of scientific research in the learning process;

- the formation of professional skills that contribute to the demand for graduates in the national and international labor markets in accordance with international and national qualification frameworks for each level of education. Students, teachers, researchers and representatives of the business environment and corporate partners participate in the development, updating and management of educational programs at all levels of education;

- creation of joint educational programs with foreign scientific and educational centers;

- increasing the number of programs and courses taught in English; application of information and communication technologies and the introduction of online courses;

- attraction and encouragement of the most talented students;

- customer satisfaction with the high quality of educational services;

- the competence of the teaching staff and researchers, the high quality of teaching and support staff;

- involvement of students and employees in the corporate culture of the university;

- modern educational technologies and a high level of scientific research culture;

- optimization of costs for training specialists and conducting scientific research;

- health and safety of students and university staff, creation of conditions for their self-development and realization of their creative potential.

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