School of Law

The Higher School of Law is glad to welcome a new generation of lawyers of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Legal sciences are a powerful factor in solving state problems, the role of which is constantly growing due to the need to develop strategic models for the future, overcome risks and respond to the challenges of the modern global world. The main task of the Higher School of Law is to give students high-quality knowledge, to ensure the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market. This is facilitated by an innovative model of practice-oriented learning, aimed at the future professional activity of the student and his employment. To this end, on the basis of the Higher School of Law, new and educational laboratories are being created as the bases for permanent practice and scientific research, and excellent conditions have been created for the development of the individual, for doing science. Here you will gain fundamental knowledge and skills of independent work. To encourage talented youth, we have scholarship programs, grants and other forms of support. So it's up to you: your desire to learn and the desire to prove yourself determines how much you can get in the years of study. We hope that during your studies you will show the best qualities necessary for becoming a professional lawyer - love for jurisprudence, devotion to your chosen profession, diligence, humanity, constant striving for new knowledge, deep respect for the traditions of an academic university and the value of higher education in the modern period.