Code and group of the educational program:

M035 Fashion, design

Code and name of the educational program:

7М02101 Design

Education period: 2

Cost of education: 700000

Degree awarded: Master's degree in the educational program "7M02101 Design"

Подготовка магистров, обладающих знаниями по искусству, имеющих представления о новых направлениях современного дизайна и способных применять полученные знания в искусстве, научно-практической и образовательной деятельности.

1. Theory and methodology of design

2. Planning and organization of scientific research

3. Style formation in design

4. Image and audiovisual assets

5. Management of art projects

6. Artistic construction in design

7. Artistic design in design

8. Modern computer technologies

9. Contemporary visual art of Kazakhstan 10. Visual art of Western Europe of the XX century 11. Research practice

Leading position:

- organization and management of work in state and non-state enterprises and organizations in the cultural industry, leisure sector, cultural heritage, as well as the design sector;

- introduce and develop modern methods and technologies for organizing and implementing the educational process at various educational levels in various educational institutions.

- compile an analysis of artistic texts, expanded in semiotics to any work of art, cultural texts that have both historical, cultural and current significance.

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