Architectural design

Code and group of the educational program:

В031 Fashion, design

Code and name of the educational program:

6B02106 Architectural design

Education period: 5

Cost of education: 720000

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in the educational program "6B02106 Architectural design"

Training in the field of architectural design is focused on the acquisition of a complex of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the design of the interior and exterior of buildings, fragments of the architectural environment according to modern requirements.

1. Designing a children's play space

2. Designing an open architectural space

3. Design of small architectural forms and objects

4. Interior design of a residential building  

5. Design of a low-rise residential building

6. Artistic modeling of the living environment

7. Designing an open environment of a residential building

8. Landscape design

9. Interior design of public catering enterprises

10. Interior design of children's institutions

11. Typology of architectural design

12. Visual communications

13. Office interior design 

14. Design of a recreational and landscape complex

15. Fundamentals of scientific research

16. Pre-project analysis

17. Detailed layout project

18. Architectural environment of urban areas

19. Project exposition

рrofessional activity in the field of design means the possession of modern means, methods and forms of artistic design that allow you to create a harmonious subject-spatial environment, as well as the specified states of various artistic objects:

- execution of project documentation for the development of architectural design objects;

- creation of design elements of the subject- and volume-spatial architectural environment.

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