Design (TaVE)

Code and group of the educational program:

В031 Fashion, design

Code and name of the educational program:

6B02102 Design (TaVE)

Education period: 3 (на базе ТИПО)

Cost of education: 720000

Degree awarded:

Training of specialists in the field of design with creative thinking, mastery of advanced technologies in the modern design industry, capable of integrating into the conditions of global cultural and economic progress and solving socially significant problems of Kazakhstan and regional knowledge.

Computer grafics; 3 D modeling; Engineering infrastructure; Identity; Meaning formation in graphic design; Photography basics; Elements and process of  design (by profile); Interior and surrounding;  Engineering of graphic design; Complex modelling of product   (by profile); Expozition; Complex designing   (by profile)    

Architectural design: urban, rural, park ensembles, small architectural forms, elements of landscaping and landscaping, visual communications, exhibition spaces, equipment and furniture in an urban environment, interior spaces of residential and public buildings, underground public facilities, decoration, equipment and furniture in the interior, exhibition and trade expositions, elements of monumental-decorative and decorative and applied art objects in the exterior and interior, visual communications in the interior. 

Graphic design: graphic symbols, trademarks, corporate styles, visual communication systems, illustrations, book design, packaging, advertising, social advertising, advertising for electronic and print media, outdoor advertising, transit advertising, illustrations.

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