Code and group of the educational program:

M011 Physics teacher training

Code and name of the educational program:

7М01505 Physics

Education period: 2

Cost of education: 595000

Degree awarded: Master of Pedagogical Sciences in the educational program "7M01505 Physics"

Formation of general cultural and professional competencies in the direction of "Physics" and the preparation of a highly professional competitive specialist of modern formation.

Current trends in the methodology of teaching physics

Planning and organization of scientific research

Management technologies in education

Management in higher education

 Actual problems of modern physics 

Physics of wave processes 

Selected questions of the courses "Electricity and Magnetism" and "Atomic Physics"

Selected questions of the courses "Mechanics" and "Molecular Physics" 

Methods of computer modeling of physical processes

Collision processes in dense plasma

Professional activities in the field of education: organizations of secondary education of all types and types, higher education institutions, research institutes, institutes for advanced training and retraining of educational system employees, authorized and local executive bodies in the field of education, in the following positions:

- Lecturer in specialized educational institutions (colleges, universities, etc.);

- Phisics-laboratory assistant of specialized departments of higher educational institutions;

- Specialist, Senior Researcher, Researcher, Researcher, Laboratory Assistant at Research Institutes and Organizations, activities in the field of design, manufacturing enterprises:

- laboratory assistant at industrial enterprises and organizations.

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