Code and group of the educational program:

В012 Chemistry Teacher Training

Code and name of the educational program:

6В01503 Chemistry

Education period: 4

Cost of education: 600000

Degree awarded: Bachelor of education in the educational program «6B01503 - Chemistry»

Preparation of a bachelor of education who is able to fully implement knowledge, skills and abilities in chemistry in the educational process of various types of educational institutions and possesses IT, managerial, language competencies and global mindset. Formation of students' professional competencies in the field of the chemical industry, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and the demands of employers

SMART technologies in education

Distance learning technologies

Education: a global vision


Chemical analysis of building materials

Basics of Green Chemistry

Environmental chemistry

Chemical examination of household chemicals

Emotional intelligence


Chemical examination of food products

Radiation chemistry and radiation safety

Management in education

Project management

- Teacher of chemistry in secondary schools and  professional institutions; 

    -specialist chemist in analytical centres; industrial enterprises, institutions and organizations engaged in research, development and production using chemical processes; in research institutes, institutions and organizations engaged in chemical expertise and environmental safety of various substances, environmental objects and food;

- -laboratory chemist, researchers of various ranks in specialized departments of higher educational institutions, laboratories of industrial enterprises, laboratories monitoring the state of environmental objects and food products, chemical examination laboratories, academic and industry research institutes and organizations.

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