University of International Business and Economics

To implement double-degree programs on the basis of Astana International University (AIU), in cooperation  with No. 1 University of International Business and Economics in China (UIBE), the Kazakh-Chinese Institute of International Business and Economics (KCIIBE) was established.


The first Kazakh-Chinese institute provides for everyone the opportunity to get the best Chinese education in Kazakhstan.

KCIIBE is based on the idea of training in-demand specialists of international level, possessing not only theoretical knowledge, but also a strong practical base in the field of international economy, trade and business, with a high level of knowledge of English and Chinese languages.

KCIIBE's developed two-degree programs, the aim not only to develop students' professional, but also cultural, social, and personal qualities.


An alumni of KCIIBE will able to:

Be proficient at least in three languages and possess the culture of international communication;

Operate with deep theoretical knowledge in the field of the world economy, international trade, management and business;

  Have leadership qualities, innovative and adaptive thinking;

In demand on the international labor market in the civil service, in leading transnational companies and international organizations;

  Have the competence to organize their own business.


Double - Diploma programs include the following components:


• Foreign languages: the student will have the opportunity to learn Chinese up to intermediate advanced, including business Chinese with native speakers, and the program will also improve the level of English by studying some of the special disciplines in English.

• Lectures and courses: carefully selected and developed subjects from UIBE and AIU professors and teachers, providing an opportunity to receive an international level education.

• Extra-curricular activities and seminars: give students the opportunity to understand function of the State and Financial institutions in practice, how large and successful corporations work, gain experience, motivation and valuable knowledge from Kazakhstani and foreign economists, politicians, businessmen and successful people.

• Practice: allows you to systematize theoretical knowledge, take an internship in state, international organizations , leading corporations and TNCs.

• Culture: aims at diversifying student life, cultivating friendly spirit, establishing contacts and connections, realizing the student's talents and creative  potential. (Summer schools in China, initiation and graduation rites).