International academic mobility is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in communicating with students from almost all over the world.

Sun, Nov 13, 2022, 2:12 PM

Currently, students of Astana International University (AIU) have the opportunity to participate in  international academic mobility (AM) in Poland, Poznan at the partner university Adam Mickiewicz University - AMU. Tuition is FREE. The rest of the costs are the responsibility of the student.

AMU in Poznań (general information in English):

AMU Virtual Tour (English):

Participation criteria:

- Applicant must be an AIU student.

- students of 2-3 courses are allowed to participate (in certain cases, students of the 4th year can participate in the 1st semester).

- High GPA.

- English language Certificate - IELTS, TOEFL, etc. (preferred), it is also possible to take an AIU-based language proficiency test.

- Active social/scholar life of the student (volunteering, participation in scientific projects / conferences, etc.)

- The applicant provides a written consent of the parents to participate in the international AM and a confirmation of the rental of housing in Poznań.

AM period:

- Fall semester: October - February (applications are accepted until May 24)

- Spring semester: March - June (applications are accepted until November 21)

- international academic mobility lasts 1 academic semester.

Selection procedure:

- Stage 1 - Applications for participation are collected in autumn and spring.

- Stage 2 - The AIU Academic Mobility (AM) Commission selects applicants according to the criteria.

- Stage 3 - The AIU AM Commission conducts an interview with applicants who have successfully passed Stage 2. Quota - 10 people.

- Stage 4 - Registration of students in the AMU system.

Approximate costs in Poland:

- Tickets Astana - Warsaw - Astana - approx. 750$

- Accommodation (Student finds accommodation on his own before traveling to Poland, e.g.

- Food - 100-200 $ / month.