Meeting of the President of Astana International University with the Leadership of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences of Nazarbayev University

Mon, Jun 10, 2024, 4:03 AM

President of Astana International University (AIU) Serik A. Irsaliyev recently held a meeting with the Dean of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences at Nazarbayev University (NU), Elizabeth Arkhangelsky, along with the Vice Dean for Research, Shazim Memon. During this productive discussion, the parties explored prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation and outlined plans for joint efforts in several key areas.

The parties agreed to actively engage in the organization and conduct of inter-university conferences, seminars, and workshops, which will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among faculty, students, and researchers from both universities.

Specific scientific projects, in which both universities can participate, were also discussed during the meeting. This collaboration will enable the unification of efforts to address current scientific and technological challenges, and enhance the quality of research through an interdisciplinary approach and the use of modern methods and technologies.

The leadership of AIU and the representatives from the NU School of Engineering and Digital Sciences expressed confidence that this cooperation will be a significant step towards the integration of the academic and scientific communities of the two leading young universities in Kazakhstan. The implementation of the planned initiatives will not only elevate the level of educational and scientific achievements but also create a robust foundation for the further development of the region's innovation ecosystem.