Wed, Jul 6, 2022, 10:32 AM

"National Center for Biotechnology" is the leading scientific institution of the biological profile in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Center carries out programs in the field of biology, biotechnology, biological safety and ecology. The NCB is a foundation for training and enhancing collaboration in the field of biotechnology and biology, and promotes interdisciplinary research in the basic life sciences and technologies in order to maximize the impact of biotechnological benefits for the benefit of society.

As part of the agreement, it is planned:

Training of personnel in the main educational programs of higher education, additional professional programs for advanced training and professional retraining of employees;

Involvement in the educational process of NCB employees from among the current managers and employees whose activities are related to the focus (profile) of the main educational program being implemented;

Organization of meetings for students with representatives of the NCB from among the middle and senior management, holding master classes by representatives of the NCB;

Involvement of representatives of the NCB in the conduct of the state final certification for the main educational programs of higher education;

Organization and conduct of professional and research practices of students of the University by groups of educational programs B050 Biological and related sciences, B051 Environment, M087 Environmental protection technology, M080 Biology, in the Enterprise in accordance with the agreement concluded between the University and the Enterprise for the practice of students;

Organization and conduct of internships for students in the group of educational programs D087 Environmental Protection Technology and University employees in the NCB;

Development and implementation of joint programs to improve the skills of the staff of the University and the NCB and the exchange of experience;

Facilitating the employment of graduates who have shown themselves in the best possible way in the learning process and in the course of work experience in the NCB in the presence of vacant positions;

Ensuring the advanced nature of training specialists based on the integration of scientific, educational and industrial activities, which guarantees their competitiveness in the labor market and educational services.