Honorable II place in the International Olympiad "English skills: check your knowledge"

Thu, May 25, 2023, 4:07 PM

No one will doubt the folk wisdom: How many languages  you know, so many times you are a human! Knowledge of a foreign language is the key to success in life. Today, knowledge of several languages is becoming a mandatory requirement not only of foreign, but also of Kazakhstani employers! Fluency in a foreign language, along with good professional skills, will allow a specialist to get a decent job and build a successful career. Therefore, it is gratifying that our students strive to master several languages and show their abilities in various competitions and olympiads.

 One of such purposeful, talented students of the AMU is Alina Erlibekkyzy Abdymukasheva, a 1st year student of the FL PS. It is all the more gratifying that she is a future primary school English teacher! In April 2023, Alina took part in the International online English language Olympiad "English skills: check your knowledge" , which took place in Moscow, and having demonstrated excellent knowledge of the English language, took the Honorable second place! We congratulate Alina Abdymukasheva and her English teacher Khassenova Roza Tukenovna on the victory and wish them further success in their work and studies!