About AIU

Mission: to be the leading educational institution in the Central Asian region, providing advanced knowledge and experience, training highly qualified personnel for the development of economic, social and cultural transformations in society.

Vision: a multidisciplinary educational complex based on the close integration of education and research. The mission and vision of Astana International University are determined by the following development priorities:

  • training of highly qualified personnel with an academic degree of bachelor, master and Ph.D. with knowledge of foreign languages;
  • ensuring that the skills of graduates meet the requirements of the economy;
  • conducting fundamental and applied research in modern branches of science, education and economics;
  • involvement of employers in the training of highly qualified personnel;
  • training of academic personnel in a wide range of areas, including economic, legal, natural science, pedagogical, information and communication technologies, social and humanitarian areas, international relations;
  • ensuring the quality of the teaching staff, including through the involvement of leading foreign scientists;
  • focus on integration into the Eurasian scientific and educational space: membership in international educational and scientific organizations and communities;
  • academic exchange of students and teachers;
  • double degree education;
  • striving to form a University 4.0 model.