6B03107 International Relations and World Politics

OFFICIAL SITE OF THE PROGRAM www.kciibe.com KCI was created on the basis of Astana International University (AIU) together with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) No. 1 economic university in China and is the first Kazakh-Chinese institution that gives everyone the opportunity to get the best Chinese education in Kazakhstan. The programs and the learning process are designed in such a way that KCI students, within the framework of the standard (4 years - bachelor's, 2 years - master's) study period, can acquire all the necessary professional skills: Mathematical analysis; Logic and critical thinking; Fundamental knowledge; Knowledge of economics, finance, logistics and business administration; Leadership and management skills; Teamwork and skills to work with new material. Description of KCI Dual Degree Programs 1. Two diplomas upon graduation (AIU and UIBE) The student will be able to receive two diplomas at once for the same period of study: diploma of Astana International University of Kazakhstan sample; international diploma of the University of International Business and Economics; 2. In-depth study of Chinese and English Upon graduation, the student will be proficient in at least three languages, including the languages ​​of the world's largest economies - English and Chinese. 3. Practice abroad and in Kazakhstan Opportunity to express yourself and gain practical experience during the training period. National, Chinese and international companies, organizations and government agencies are available for internships for KCI students. 4. Highly qualified professors and teachers Programs and lectures from the strongest teachers from around the world. Language classes with a native speaker and high-level teachers. 5. Benefits of applying for a grant to universities in China At the end of the program, if you wish to continue your studies in China, the student can count on the benefits in the distribution of state and regional grants of the PRC. 6. Summer schools and academic mobility in China Each student will have a unique opportunity to visit China as part of a summer school or academic mobility for a period of 1-2 semesters. 7. Assistance in finding employment in Kazakhstan and abroad The programs are designed taking into account the realities and trends of the labor market in the world. AIU and UIBE have rich and close ties with large corporations in Kazakhstan, China and international TNCs, regional and international organizations that will welcome young professionals. 8. Convenient location in the heart of the capital and developed infrastructure UIBE is located in the capitals of two countries - Nur-Sultan and Beijing, opening up great opportunities for students, the convenience of a metropolis, access to educational, cultural and information resources, rich and varied leisure. Aitzhanova Meruert +7 701 337 2020